Beauty from head to toe : Vanity Trove

Here’s another beauty surprise box subscription service. At only S$25 per month, enjoy a surprise box with a different beauty theme every month. For example, the theme for November box is Dream Girl; this comes presumably with about 6 to 8 skincare and make up products to help you feel beautiful inside-out.

Extracted from Vanity Trove’s website

Vanity Trove appears to be a pure subscription service and does not seem to sell the products individually, unlike Bellabox, although they will tell you where the products can be purchased. The products are not just bottled stuff, some of the offerings include spa treatments at Decleor Institut, and even a pair of earrings (nice touch….).

There is also a section for product reviews where users’  feedback are collated. This is useful if you want to compare products or simply enjoy reading beauty product reviews for fun.

On a personal note, I am interested in all things lavender-ish, and this Lavender Patch Sap product review caught my eye. It only costs S$29.90 from good old Watsons! Beauty and a heavenly fragrant does not need to cost an arm and a leg – such are the simple pleasures in life!

Lavender Patch


The monthly subscription website that started it all

Imagine you are tired after a long day at the office or school, you open the door and voila, you see a lovely package, filled with all sorts of goodies, waiting for you. Wouldn’t that perk you up? If it does, then surprise monthly subscriptions may be perfect for you. is one such subscription website. The concept is simple: for a fixed monthly subscription, the subscriber or his/her gift recipient will receive a lovely curated box filled with at least 5 beauty products. These may be skincare, haircare products, or cosmetics from a wide range of notable brands on Bellabox’s panel. The surprise element comes in as you never know what you gonna get until it arrives on your doorstep on a monthly basis.

Image extracted from’s website  is easy to navigate and user-friendly. Using Tiffany blue highlights, the website looks fresh and clean, just perfect for a beauty product store. To be technically accurate, I did not sign up for a subscription although I was sorely tempted to. I did, however, made a purchase of a Bellababy box for a good friend who just gave birth to a cute little baby boy. I hope she is surprised and likes it!